Our Welcome Letter

Dear Guest,

We are pleased to welcome you to our caravan at Combe Haven and hope that you have a wonderful stay with us. This caravan is the third one that we have owned on Combe Haven. It was purchased brand new in 2015 and sited on our existing pitch at the end of September 2015. We have been owners at Combe Haven since 2005 and we love Combe Haven, Hastings and the surrounding areas.

Our caravan is cleaned and prepared for each family with the beds made up ready for when you arrive. We hope that you find this caravan comfortable for your stay. Due to COVID-19 and the extra cleaning requirements to keep your stay safe we have had to remove a lot of the extras that we used to provide to our guests. We hope that we will be able to reintroduce these once things can return to normal.

There is an iron in the kitchen cupboard and an ironing board hanging in the boiler cupboard. In the master bed room is a hair dryer. Due to the current limit on the caravan please avoid using the hair dryer at the same time as the kettle and toaster as this can trip the power.

The site shop is ideal for getting those essentials that you forgot to bring with you. For larger shops there are a number of super markets near by. These are detailed in you Holiday Information pack will we sent and also in this Guest Information.

We understand that accidents can happen so if you break something or cause any damage please let us know as soon as possible. This will enable us to arrange replacements or repairs promptly. Security bonds are usually refunded within 14 days of departure once the caravan has been checked for missing items and / or damage. Please look after and respect our caravan during your stay.

On your day of departure please ensure that you leave the caravan clean and tidy and empty all the bins (kitchen and both toilets). It must be left secure with all windows closed and the door locked. Sometimes it can be a couple of days before we have to prepare the caravan for the next guests so ensure all electrical and gas appliances are turned off. So that we can prepare for the next guests please vacate our caravan by the time stated in your Holiday Information pack (usually 10am). On departure leave our keys in the key safe next to the caravan steps, making sure that you scramble the code after shutting the safe.


Wendy & Ian Bentall

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