Central Heating Controls

Boiler Controls

I have recently had feedback from a customer staying in our caravan to say that they could not operate the heating.

Here is a quick summary of the central heating controls. Please refer to the attached document taken from the user manual for button references.

Heating and hot water will only operate if the boiler is turned on (plug socket in the cupboard and switched on using button 9) and there is sufficient pressure. If pressure is too low (dial 4) or there is an error code displayed please contact Reception (or Security if out of hours) to get a maintenance engineer out. Pressing ‘maintenance buttons’ will display an error message.

Hot Water

This should be left on all the time but if it has been turned off press and release button ‘3’ until the tap icon appears on the display. The ‘boxed tap’ icon will only be on when the hot water is running – the boiler will heat water up as it is required.


Timer Mode

Heating will come on and go off at predetermined times set using the timer dial 10. The switch in dial 10 should be in the middle setting.

If the heating is turned off the ‘radiator’ icon will not be shown. If you want to turn the heating on press and release button ‘3’ until the ‘radiator’ icon appears on the display, active mode will only be on when the boiler is firing. Note that the hot water can also be turned off using this button. To turn the heating off repeat above until the radiator icon disappears.

Over ride Mode

To over ride the timer move the small switch within the dial 10 to the top position (on permanently) or bottom position (off permanently). If you use over ride mode please ensure you switch it to timer (middle setting) before you leave the caravan.

Temperatures in the lounge and the bed rooms can be adjusted using the thermostat valves on these radiators. There is not any thermostat adjustment to the radiators in the hall or toilets.

Revision 1.0


Ian Bentall

Boiler Manual – This is the relevant section of the Boiler Operating Manual (file size ~2.6MB)

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