Funworks Passes

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Haven Holidays are offering a reduced package this season and Funworks Passes are not required. For full details on the Haven package please click here.

Until Haven advise us of the facilities requiring fun works passes we will not be including these in our prices for 2021.  Details below refer to 2020 season before the changes brought in due to restrictions for COVID-19.

The Fun works Passes are required to gain access to the site facilities such as the swimming pool, bars, restaurants etc. They are required for each adult and child over the age of 4 years. Child prices apply to ages 4 – 15 years inclusive, adults from the age of 16.

The prices per person for the Fun works Passes for 2020 Season are shown below. Haven will charge the rate applicable for the dates when you are attending. These prices may be subject to change and we have no control over the prices that Haven are charging for the passes.

Most of our holidays are sold without passes so you only pay for the passes your party require. We do not sell passes to make a profit – we only charge the rate quoted by Haven Holidays so you will not be able to legitimately purchase passes cheaper elsewhere. If passes are purchased within 10 days of the start of your holiday we will have to charge an additional £1 per pass. This fee is levied by the park for late bookings.

We regret that we can only supply passes for guests staying in our caravan. This is because the Fun works Pass order form requires the caravan owner to complete it with their details, caravan pitch number and signature as it gives the park permission to issue the keys to their caravan. The  owner of the caravan you are booking will be able to request Park Registration forms from their park so they can sort these out for you.

We are offering some great deals for holidays staying in our caravan at Combe Haven – check out our rates and availability. All guests booking our caravan receive a first class service with lots of extra benefits over a Haven Booking.

Pass rates quoted below are for the 2020 season.

Off Peak Peak
All other dates Easter, May Halt term and July / August
7 Nights 4 Nights 7 Nights 4 Nights
Capped at £159.70 Capped at £134.31 Capped at £221.40 Capped at £179.10
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
£33.60 £16:40 £26.10 £13.31 £49.90 £26.30 £38.70 £18.80